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Foundation Water Leak Detection

352-372-1221 24-Hour Emergency Service Foundation Water Leak Detection Gainesville Florida. Do you have visible water leaks in your walls, floors or ceiling? Have you been experiencing abnormally high water bills? Have you seen wet, hot or discolored spots on your floor? Do your walls, ceiling or floors have visible cracks in them? Have you been experiencing musty or foul odors? Hearing dripping sounds that keep you up at night? If so, you probably have a water leak in the slab, walls or ceiling. Plumbing Water Leaks can be not only elusive to locate, but very destructive as well. Leak Detection...

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Flooding Water Damage Repair

352-372-1221 Flooding Water Damage Repair 24-Hour Emergency Service Flooding Water Damage Repair Gainesville Florida. Many people think of natural disasters when they think of flood damage, such as heavy rain. Although this is a common cause of flood damage; there are many household causes that can lead to water damage in the home from flooding. Leak Detection Gainesville is a flood restoration company that specializes in all areas of flood restoration; and water extraction. consequently, here are just a few of the common causes associated with water leaks inside the home. Flooding Water Damage Repair Sewer backup Broken water pipe in...

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