Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage

Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage

Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage. Today’s guest blog is by Hackler Plumbing. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Leak Detection Gainesville.

Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage

Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage

Roof leaks are common at the places where the root cause of damage is not yet discovered or repaired right away. As water can travel anywhere from the point where the leakage has occurred,
When fixing a slab leak it’s difficult to find the exact point of leakage. You can contact your insurance company to send a team who will make sure to pinpoint the cause of the destruction. To prevent future issues check the following causes of leakage:

Roof Vents

You must seal any point of penetration seen on the roof to stop leakage. Look at the seals around the outlet pipes for any spaces, missing nails, and gaps. The vents made up of plastic get deteriorated after a period of time due to the climatic exposure.


If your rooftop is accumulated with debris for example leaves, pine needles or branches can collect water on the roof and let the water enter through the seepage slowly and gradually. To prevent the seep clear the rooftop for easy drainage of water. Cutting off the branches hanging can be a prevention to be taken in this regard.

Old construction

The material used in a building can deteriorate over time and can be less helpful to keep water away. Climatic changes and fluctuation in temperature can make the roofing material breakable and damaged with time. Direct exposure to sunlight can affect the roof adversely.

Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage


The flashing seals the metal roof, from which great amount of water slips down or the place where the absorption takes place. The flash joins the dormer to the roof; it’s the place where the chimney enters the roof. Flashing can slip away if the nails are not properly intact and the waterproofing can be damaged due to climate transitions.

Gutter Backup

Those gutters that are filled with debris or leaves can reduce the flow of water from the roof that gets soaked in. You must cover the gutters that will help you clear the gutters of debris to make sure that water slips off swiftly.


The holes made for the installation of air condition outdoor units or antennas that are no more in use can bring the water inside the house. Look for the holes in the roof and seal them immediately.

Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage

Excess Humidity

The draining gutters or the still water on the roof can make the lower ceiling humid and damage the construction material that can cause seepage. Make sure the water can flow freely to the direction of drainage so that excess of humidity doesn’t damage the roofs.

Ripped Shingles

The storms can tear off the shingles of the roof, and an area can be exposed. Get on the top of your roof and look for the missing shingles.

Ridge Cap

Ridge cap is the place that covers the space between the top of a roof and the two slopes. The service providers that incorporate the harness or the rope system and do not shelter the ridge cap can make holes in the material used for roofing; this allows the water to enter the roof.

Top Common Reasons for Roof Damage